how to store boldenone acetate


Headache, facial flushing, blood pressure, tachycardia, suppression of sinus node activity, bradycardia, arrhythmia. Treatment : gastric lavage with the appointment of activated charcoal, symptomatic therapy aimed at stabilization of the cardiovascular system and respiration. The antidote is calcium, shown slow how to store boldenone acetate calcium chloride or calcium gluconate, followed by switching to long-term infusion, administration of vasopressors. Hemodialysis is not effective.



  • while the appointment with beta-blockers, along with the strengthening of the antihypertensive effect may decrease myocardial contractility;
  • while the use of nifedipine and quinidine marked decrease in the concentration of quinidine in plasma;
  • in combination with nitrates is observed intensification of antianginal and hypotensive effects;
  • simultaneous reception of cimetidine and other antihypertensives, diuretics, tricyclic antidepressants, can lead to increased hypotensive effect;
  • with concomitant administration of nifedipine with digoxin and theophylline marked increase in the concentration of digoxin and theophylline in blood plasma, which requires correction of the dose;
  • simultaneous treatment with rifampicin weakens how to store boldenone acetateĀ the efficacy of nifedipine as rifampicin induces the activity of liver enzymes, speeding up the metabolism of nifedipine;


  • when administering the drug to nursing mothers should decide the issue of termination of breastfeeding;
  • cessation of drug treatment should be performed slowly because of the possible development of “cancellation” syndrome;
  • during treatment with nifedipine should refrain from drinking alcohol;
  • Be wary prescribers to drivers of vehicles how to store boldenone acetateĀ and persons in other occupations requiring quick mental or physical reaction.